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Building Hope For the Future Update February 2016


Phase One Construction
Winter 2016

Blog Update, February/Winter 2016

Hope’s Steering Committee and Church Council continued to work tirelessly through the fall and winter to move the process forward in building our new church and preschool…

  • Our Conditional Use Permit was approved by the City of Temecula in December.
  • Also in December, the congregation met with architect Jack Lanphere for a Q & A session about the building’s interior. He also met with the staff of Hope Children’s Center in January.  Comments, input, and questions were gathered from members unable to attend.
  • The steel framework engineering for the building has been finished, and landscaping plans are complete.
  • The Congregation continues to support “Hope for the Future,” a fundraising effort for church construction expenses – thank you!
  • Hope has a working relationship with a local bank and all paperwork is in order for a loan to be approved.
  • Hope has agreed to include a horse trail in its landscaping plans for the surrounding community to use.
  • A development agreement is being finalized with Los Ranchitos Home Owners Association, and a vote of the members of the HOA to approve our plan is expected in the near future.

We look forward, with God’s help, to the construction process to begin!

Fall 2015 Building Hope for the Future Update


Phase One Construction

Fall 2015

Like any building project, developing the plan and working through all the preconstruction details takes much longer than the actual construction phase.  And, this preconstruction phase requires patience, a little sense of humor, and a whole lot of faith and prayer!  Here are a few current details about our project…

  • Our CUP (Conditional Use Permit) Application is working its way through the City approval process. We hope to meet and present our project to the Planning Commission for final approval soon.
  • We are waiting for the water district and Pechanga to approve our
  • The geological survey is complete and the report has been submitted to the City.
  • Our Architect is putting the final touches on the blueprints and working with Hope’s Children Center to ensure all of the preschool’s regulatory needs are met.
  • Our Steering Committee and Los Ranchitos Homeowner’s Association (HOA) Board has contacted thirty three of our closest neighbors to discuss our project. With the HOA Board, we are working on a Development Agreement that will then be forwarded to our Los Ranchitos HOA members for their approval.


Phase I donations to “Building Hope for the Future” has climbed to over $70,000!  Thank you for your generosity!


We will update this site as important details arise.  In the meantime, we ask that your prayers include continued divine guidance, open doors, and the right people to join our project to complete God’s vision for His new church and preschool.