Prayer Ministry“How can we pray for you?”

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With God’s continued guidance, the Prayer Ministry strives to:
• Grow spiritually in our Christian faith
• Pray to God and follow Jesus’ ministry and teachings
• Work together in prayer to support Hope’s congregation
• Use the gifts God gives each of us to pray for physical, mental, and spiritual healing
in the name of Jesus Christ
• Practice techniques and methods for praying with others


• Prayer Chain: prayer requests are either called into, or e-mailed to the church office.
The requests are confidentially shared with and prayed for by the Prayer Ministry, Church Council, and Hope staff.
• Prayer Care Cards: greeting style cards are sent to the recipient at the request of someone from Hope.
• Prayer Shawl Ministry: crocheted or knitted shawls are prayed for while being made, and are blessed before a person receives the shawl as a gift.
• Prayer Vigils: three-hour prayer vigils are periodically offered.
• Prayer Book: names are written in the Sunday morning prayer book, and are prayed for during worship, as well as through the week.
• Centering Prayer: Some Prayer Team members are learning and regularly practicing Centering Prayer.

To learn more about Hope’s prayer ministry, contact Church Office.

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If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, ask for whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.

- John 15:7 NRSV